Accessibility Policy


Invest East Lindsey Limited T/A Kingfisher Caravan Park

Policy Statement Relating to Disabled Access

Invest East Lindsey Limited trading as Kingfisher Caravan Park is situated in the heart of Ingoldmells, a seaside resort close to Skegness Town.

Invest East Lindsey Limited are fully committed to providing enjoyable family holidays. This statement has been put together in an attempt to give detailed information as to the park’s suitability for you and your family and includes:

• The Geographical location of the park and its suitability towards gradients.

• The varying types of accommodation, any modifications and their suitability for family use.

• The level or degree of access within the park, specifically to the park – beach access, lake usage and any provisions the park may have.

• The transport links to the park, the local transport such as modified taxis, coaches and trains.

• Local associations or local outlets that can help with hiring equipment.

• The types of facilities available and the level of access within those facilities. • The level of parking available.

• The level of lighting on and around the park.

• Telephone numbers who to contact and help lines.

• Any special arrangements that can be made by the park.

We thank you for visiting our park and we will endeavour to help you find a fantastic holiday that suits you and your family.

Kingfisher Caravan Park
Ingoldmells near Skegness